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Cleansing Balm 2oz

Cleansing Balm 2oz


This cleansing balm is an all natural oil based skin care product that comes in a solid state and is used for cleansing and makeup removal.  


The benefits of washing your face with a cleansing balm include:


Deep cleansing without stripping skin of oil

Reduces acne and blackheads

Helps balance skin’s natural oils and Keeps skin from over-producing oil

Moisturizer to skin where needed

Removes makeup thoroughly


    Ingredients:  beeswax, coconut oil, and hemp oil


    Can leave on overnight for a hydrating face mask

    Also use to clean makeup brushes. Melt a small amount of cleansing balm in your hand or a small shot glass size jar and dip brushes in. Whirl around against your palm and you will see all makeup residue come out. Rinse well let dry.


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