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All Natural Solid Lotion Stick

All Natural Solid Lotion Stick


Solid lotion in a convenient push-up stick. Solid at room temperature uses your body heat to melt for easy application onto dry spots. The tube makes this lotion easy to carry around in a purse, pack, etc. Remove the cap, push up the lotion and rub. The warmth of your skin will gently melt the lotion. You can then rub it all over your skin. Great for dry, cracked hands, or rough feet! Beeswax leaves a protective layer on your skin.


Great for anti-chafing. Use to hydrate and protect new tattoos or extend the life of henna.


    Ingredients:  Beeswax, Coconut oil or Mango Butter, Shea butter, Arrowroot powder


    Coconut oil or Mango butter indicator on front label

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